Magento Theme White – Clothing and Miniml

It is a topic Magento two words minimalist is playing the personalization without difficulty. To expand a little, and as the leaves up around the screenshot, the Magento theme is versatile, as part of the creation of all types of eBoutique can eshopeshop fashion, food or cosmetics.

Whatever your needs are, Magento theme will help your website as you like. We like the developer of this Magento theme emphasizing the fact that offers the provision of quality support, either through use of the developer or whatever used in HTML and CSS.

Clothing, Magento Theme White

Clothing store

With a name like this, you might expect we have a Magento theme speaks directly to all Magento website owners do to sell clothes. Although this issue is not 100% white, we chose as primary colours neutral enough and know that in addition it is possible to adjust the colours to 100% of this topic on the interface easy management of grip and offers a choice of colours leaving you literally dominate the colours of your Magento website.

A car like the accordion, or the presentation of your categories in three different forms, here is what you are, among other things, that to find Magento theme. We love this Magento theme is easily customizable by both the large number of options, two menus, two sliders, three types of information, 3 presentations of products, while simultaneously adjusting the colours and rendering.

Miniml, Magento Theme White

To achieve such a result, the minimalist design is required. Always in fashion, no kits, no longer meet one day to the air. The homepage, the product page is to attract the eyes of Internet users in order to do what is important for you to focus your products. Finally, users are not on your Magento website to view a graphical representation of the latter, but to flush out the bargain, or the product was not found. We love that integrates Magento theme all the essential templates for setting up your new store with Magento: Home product categories, product pages, landing page, account creation page…

Magento Themes White – Store Crisp and Clean and Shmotki

Magento white theme, it is both for those who want a minimalist theme. It is useful to present your products, as the search for a Magento Templates adapt easily. On a minimalist Magento template, a custom Magento theme to create based, this happens every day. Why reinvent the wheel? Finally, a leading designer and developer are available a number of Magento theme, the slightly adjusted. We have selected Magento themes white modern and minimalist. Discover the selection of templates Magento white.

Crisp and Clean Magento Theme White

Store Crisp and Clean

Begin our selection of themes for Magento white Crisp and Clean, Magentotheme white and minimalist, but with many options, including appeals Magento theme. Magento theme is automatically, as the resolution take care of the visitors. To help you easily mCommerce. As the name suggests, offers Magento theme has a clean interface and easy grip for your visitors, which is essential if one wishes to achieve a turnover of suitable due to its e-commerce website. The use of sub-menus of inspiration at Amazon reinforce the impression of lightness.

The lightboxes in the galleries or a sheet made perfectly on iPad, are just some of the many features offered by this Magento theme. We love theMagento theme that inspires tranquillity and luxury with a targeted use of large white space, a vacuum that can demonstrate your product pages, categories, products or any part of your Magento website.

Shmotki, Magento Theme White

If you are about to read this post, there are great chances that you are looking for a white theme. However, if I told you that ShmotkiMagento theme one is white, but beyond that is there in four colours, I do not think it bothers you. To celebrate this menu, Magento theme, we find a dedicated interface, this topic in a few mouse clicks to adjust, a floating layout so you millimeter positioning your sidebar, or you can choose between three font sizes Cufon write journals.

In addition, two different menus are available; including the famous Super Fish.We love this Magento theme with a retro design that gives it a unique look. This topic mangeto joy above all makes ready to wear fashion, as it plays a little retro.

White Lingerie Magento Theme HTML5

Look, me in the eyes … I said to myself in the eye! Aside from the fact that it is hard to focus on the subject itself, we ask ourselves why we are here. A great product with slide area promotion accompanies the home page. Very sober, without the details, Lingerie is a Magento theme, leaving the space for your products. We Like the clarity and logical elements of this Magento theme, offers a very comfortable place to promote your products. Pages of products and product groups are in the picture of the house, clear and direct.

Independent Magento Theme HTML5

Independent shop

With full-page slider us home, no doubt, a Magento theme is responsive 100% Independent, very modern and clean. I invite you to see the slider in action for yourself, because it is also possible to manage full-page images of the type. Additionally, you will better reflect the fact that the title of this topic is transparent.

960 grid developed from the model, this issue is not a problem to fit the screens. No extra effort on your part the theme of the work, you can sell! From an adaptation standpoint know that this issue will be accompanied by an administration interface, you can click, handwriting fonts, colours, how to present your product or place the issue in changing the smallest corner. We love this Magento theme is synchronized with SVN, it will just upgrade. Possibly, without your customization options Magento themes, the world is increasingly easy.

Poison Ves, Magento Theme HTML5

Download Ves poison

Ves gift is to appeal to a Magento theme, the more elegant. You now know that it is responsive, it will fit all screen resolutions; it is a smartphone or a huge screen. The design and the colours chosen for this Magento theme allows you to use very easily, by creating a toy store, beauty products, fashion or even … gift! This theme is simple move with Mega Menu menu management support, easily a variety of colours, the integration of jQuery effects, and the possibility for the translation of the whole subject.

Even a novice would pull Magento. We love this Magento theme is compatible W3CXHTML1.0W3CCSS valid and Transitionnal it compatible with IE7 +, Firefox 2 +, Safari, Opera 9.5. To maximize revenue, must still be sure to be published everywhere.